Wallace can help you regain your independence with ADLs today!

Daily living aids help patients to complete tasks that they are otherwise unable to do anymore. We carry a wide selection of different daily living aids including grippers, reachers, dressing aids, eating utensils, household aids, personal care and much more.

Personal Care Aids

Dressing Aids

Dressing Aids

Sleep Aids

Sleep Aids

Eating and Drinking Aids

Eating & Drinking Aids


Transfer Aids

Reachers and Grabers

Reachers, Grabers, Grippers

wound care

Wound Care

Bath and Toilet Aids

Bath and Toilet Aids

Diabetes/Blood Glucose Management Aids

Pain Management Aids

Household Assistance Aids

Household Assistance Aids


Home Health Aids

Heat and cold Therapy

Heat and Cold Therapy

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