Delivery Policy

Delivery Only Items:



Wallace Home Medical Supplies carries some items that are for delivery only. They need to be assembled carefully to ensure safety, and there are many moving parts that could be lost in transit. These items cannot be picked up by clients under any circumstance. These items include but are not limited to Hospital Beds and Patient lifts.



Set-up of DME



Date Effective: March 2004



Date Revised: May 23, 2013



Approved by: Trago Wallace



Purpose: To service our customers with appropriate and safe equipment.



Policy: All patient set-ups will adhere to the following guidelines.






1. Order for equipment is received in the office.



2. Appropriate equipment is selected according to the physician’s order and patient’s condition.



3. Patient/Care giver is notified and the following issues discussed:



* Referral source



* Type and purpose of equipment ordered



* Insurance information



* Patient’s address and travel directions



* Date and time of set-up



4. If patient is new, create electronic intake file and hardcopy file. If customer is an existing patient, use initial electronic intake form and “save as” in equipment deliveries folder. If patient has Advance Directive make note in front flap of patient’s file folder.



5. Upon arrival, introductions are made to patient/care giver.



6. Suitability for home use is determined based on a safety assessment and the patient/caregiver’s ability to understand instructions.



7. The location and placement of the equipment is assessed based on patient safety, equipment safety, and where the patient would use the equipment the most.



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