Pain in your back?

Pain in your back?


By Ashley Brown, Wallace Home Medical Supplies

We often forget about the strain we put on our back, but as time goes by our back reminds us just how much strain we’ve actually put on it. Keeping your back pain free is quite the challenge but there is something to help! Lift chairs have the ability to not only be comfortable but also help with pain, swelling and of course standing up. The benefits of owning a lift chair are endless. Some lift chairs have the ability to program custom positions. The benefit of being able to control your comfort is ideal for everyone, and position control provides comfort, unlike any other chair. Lift chairs are designed to assist an individual in the daily activity of getting into or out of a chair. Lift chairs are particularly helpful for the elderly or those that suffer from motor disease as well as those who have become recently injured. Using a lift chair empowers the user by providing them the freedom to move about on their own Overall safety is improved while getting into and out of a chair by reducing strains and avoiding possible injuries. With that type of confidence, the user resumes a fuller and more independent lifestyle. Some lift chairs can be put into positions that help with ailments. If the user has any swelling in their legs and their Doctor has expressed that keeping their legs elevated will help, lift chairs are able to be positioned in Trendelenberg. In the Trendelenburg position, the body is laid flat on the back with the feet higher than the head by 15-30 degrees; which an ideal position to help reduce swelling. Lift chairs can also be positioned in Zero Gravity. Zero gravity is a great way to take pressure off the heart, allowing for better blood flow throughout the body. Unaligned sleeping or sitting positions can actually put additional pressure on the heart. Zero gravity is also a position that takes pressure off of the lower back, allowing for optimal blood flow to the brain and aiding in pain relief. Lift chairs most important function is their lift mechanism. A lift chair will not replace the need for medical attention. However, it can offer a more suitable position for getting in or out of a chair. If a user has knee or shoulder ailments the lift mechanism makes it easier to get up and sit down. I can list many more benefits to owning a lift chair but experiencing the benefits for yourself is really how you’ll know. We at Wallace Home Medical Supplies carry Golden Technology chairs that are made in America and offer a variety of sizes, material, and functionality. Come into our store, kick your feet up and get an exclusive tutorial on how investing in a great Lift Chair is beneficial for your health.

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